Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebration Parade

     To celebrate the completion of the outdoor classroom, the school gathered in the gym to show their gratitude to Terrence Parker, the landscape architect who first envisioned the project. The students then held hands, leaving through the back of the gym and parading past the hoop house, around the field of wild flowers, through the wooded area, past the log teepee and student-made bridge, across the water garden,, weaving through the log walk, earthen berms, birch tree path and infinity walk before gathering around the outdoor amphitheater. The students were colorful in their rain boots and jackets. It had rained for three days straight, leaving the ground damp. The skies cleared in time for our parade, but a light rain fell upon us as we reached our final destination. The rain only added to the energy and excitement of the day.

This Land from Kate Smith on Vimeo.

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