Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leap Forward Into Healthy Eating

     2012 has kept Kathy Gunst running, flying, reading and chopping as she continues her book tour and cooking classes from one coast to another. We are thrilled she will be able carve out some time and join us on Wednesday Feb. 29th, leap day!  A radio and video producer from WBUR's Here and Now will come to Central School to work with Kathy and Mrs. Zottoli-Breen's third grade class to produce a piece about kids' cooking.  The students will cook kale chips and make grated carrot salad.  The session will be interspersed with discussions about the importance of healthy eating. The kids will follow recipes, integrating their literacy, writing and math skills.  We will let you know when the session will be aired. Kathy looks forward to returning in a few weeks to work with the remaining third grade classes.

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