Monday, November 21, 2011

Community Work Day a Success

Our last community work day of the season was a success! Many thanks to all who were able to come. I saw volunteers shoveling, raking, pushing wheelbarrows, digging, planting, harvesting, and so much more. What a spectacular day and a fantastic community! Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see the video clips and photos! But first, many thanks to today's sponsors!

Donated Materials: In the order of installation on site

Climbing Mounds:
Soil for Climbing Mounds: Bill Renaud Excavation and Trucking
Labor and machines for constructing climbing mounds: Chuck Hugo Landscape with Travis and Paul
Labor and Machines for Climbing Mounds and tree planting: Steve Prisby of All Terrain Landscape

Stone Infinity Circles:
Stone and stone masonry to install Stone Infinity Circles: William F. Avery, Jake and Josh Avery, Rachel (Avery) and Mike Wakefield with Terrence Parker.

Planting and Site Grading:
Labor and Machines for grading and planting: Steve Prisby of All Terrain Landscape
6’ Tall Blue Spruce:  Salmon Falls Nursery
Compost: Piscataqua Landscaping and Mike Wakefield
Top Soil for site: W.F. Avery

Labor and Machines for constructing the Concrete Block Amphitheater (forthcoming): Site Structures Landscape, Inc
Concrete Block for Amphitheater: Genest Concrete, Sanford

And there was amazing food, water and coffee too! These were provided by Nature's Way, Carpe Diem and Brixham  General Store. Thank you everyone. 

Such progress! Take a look:

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